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2017 JM Arts & Crafts Camp

January 17-19, 2017

Jerusalem Ministry held our 9th annual arts and crafts camp for 3rd-6th grade girls. We had 44 girls from 9 different children’s homes participate along with 52 volunteers/staff. It was the biggest but the smoothest camp we've had yet!

At the camp, the staff and volunteers worked together to create a safe and loving environment by showering the girls with compliments, encouragements, and hugs. The girls thrived under the positive attention and a number of the girls were even smiling with open hearts from the start of the camp!

Be sure to visit Director John-Michael's blog for stories, testimonies, and more photos from the camp!

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Volunteer Opportunities
Jerusalem Ministry is accepting applications for our 2 month summer internship (mid-June to mid-August) and 6 month+ full time volunteering. Summer interns and full time volunteers live in the children's home with the kids and teach English and other subjects.

2017 Summer Volunteer Internship
2017 Summer Volunteer Internship Application
Please e-mail for more information.

Monthly Prayer Meeting
On the last Saturday evening of the month we gather to pray on behalf of the children and the ministry.
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Our Two-Fold Purpose
  • To build committed and loving relationships with the underprivileged children of Seoul through the avenue of education.
  • To train and equip volunteers for effective service, and hold them accountable both to their commitment to the children, and to their relationship with God.
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