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JM strives to be a physical expression of God's invisible hands and feet to the underprivileged children of Seoul, Korea.

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Volunteer Teaching

JM seeks to supplement existing levels of institutionalized care and education in the children's homes (orphanages) by providing dedicated teachers willing to focus their efforts and build relationships within an intimate classroom setting. Weekly, hour-long, classes of one or two students per teacher are arranged so as to build trust and provide individual attention – a need sorely lacking among these children. Barring any special circumstances, these weekly commitments are strictly adhered to, and allow a level of consistency that is rare in these children's lives.

Event Planning

JM also plans special camps, seminars, retreats, and fundraising events geared toward meeting the specific needs of the children's homes of Seoul. Here are some of the annual events that we welcome volunteers to serve in:

  1. JM Summer Soccer Camp (3 day commitment, usually on the third week of July, Monday - Wednesday)

  2. JM Winter Arts and Crafts Camp (3 day commitment, usually on the fourth weekof January, Monday - Wednesday)

  3. Christmas Secret Angel (usually held on the morning of Christmas Day, with the events run by Jubilee Church and New Philadelphia Church in Seoul)
Jen's Class
About 2 years ago, I met Kyeong Nam at a orphanage fundraiser. He told me his dream was to attend college and become an international diplomat! The only problem was that he didn't know any English. He was raised as an orphan in China for most of his life. We have been practicing hard, learning basic English, and my has he learned a lot!  Our lessons give me a chance to explain Jesus' love for him and purpose for his life. I know he is a very special boy, and God has given him much talent. I always tell him I'm praying for his goals, but he also has to work hard! He was really uncertain about God and His faithfulness (as many orphans feel rejected), but our prayers have been answered recently. Kyeong Nam was accepted into a university, where he is majoring in Chinese and international studies. His home is even sponsoring the tuition, and letting him live at the home for another 2 years. What's even more, he just got a job at a very nice restaurant! Because of God's faithfulness, hard work and our believing in Kyeong Nam, he is seeing the blessings and love of God, his heavenly Father. I'm so proud of him!
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