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Soccer Camp 2016

August 8-10, 2016

Jerusalem Ministry held our 9th annual soccer camp for 3rd – 6th grade boys from different children’s homes in Seoul. We had a total of 40 boys participate from eight different orphanages. They were divided into four teams: Manchester United (red), Manchester City (navy), Barcelona (yellow), and Real Madrid (white). Each team had their own coach and about seven or eight assistants/helpers (soccer moms). There were altogether about 45 volunteers serving at the camp. With so many volunteers the kids were literally surrounded by love and encouragement throughout the camp!

For more stories and pictures from the camp, visit Director John-Michael's blog and our Facebook page!

Arts and Crafts Camp 2016

January 5-7, 2016

Jerusalem Ministry held our 8th annual Arts and Crafts Camp for 3rd to 6th grade girls from orphanages around the city. This year we had 43 girls participate from 8 different homes along with 52 volunteers/staff. At the camp, the girls received much love and positive attention, and as a result, we saw the girls open up and their attitudes shifted from one of fear and insecurity to joy. It was a great success!

Visit Director John-Michael's blog for more photos and stories. You can also view photos from all 3 days of the camp on our Facebook page.

JM Youth Soccer Camp 2015

For stories and pictures:

Arts and Crafts Camp 2015

For stories and pictures:

JM Youth Soccer Camp 2014

August 4-6, 2014

Another powerful camp! We had 54 boys from 9 different children homes across Seoul attend along with 48 committed volunteers. For three days we met on the nice fields of Yongsan Army Base. The boys were split into four teams and went through practice/teamwork drills in the morning and then had scrimmages in the afternoon. More than soccer (which was fun!), what the boys really received during the three days was strong love, encouragement, and healthy attention from all the adult volunteers. The volunteers made the atmosphere safe so that the boys, despite being from so many different homes and having such difficult pasts, were able to connect well with each other and have fun. By the end of the camp some of the boys were fighting tears because it was over. Others were holding tightly to their team pictures, which each boy received to help them remember the camp. Most of the 6th graders were telling us that they want to fail in school this year so that they can take 6th grade over and return again next year (the camp is only for 3rd – 6th graders). =) This camp is truly special for them!

To see beautiful pictures of the camp, please see our Facebook page: Jerusalem Ministry

Arts and Craft Camp 2014

January 21 – 23, 2014

We had our 6th Annual Jerusalem Ministry Arts and Crafts Camp from January 21-23. We had 34 girls from 6 different childrens homes and 43 volunteers. It was the best art camp yet! To read more about the camp, please visit volunteers John-Michael Becker & Jee Lee's blogs, and check out Jerusalem Ministry's Facebook page for more photos!

JM Youth Soccer Camp 2013

July 22 – 24, 2013
Jerusalem Ministry hosted our 6th annual soccer camp for boys from different orphanages around Seoul. We had 47 boys from six different homes participate. Every year the camp gets better and better, but this year we faced different obstacles as the camp took place during an extremely rainy week. However, through it all, the boys and volunteers maintained a spirit of joy and continued to move forward with all the games and tournaments. It was a very special time with a very special testimony!

Read more on our staff's blogs: John-Michael | Jee

Arts and Craft Camp 2013

January 22 - 24, 2013
This year we had 46 girls from 7 different children homes along with 54 volunteers/staff participate in our fifth annual arts and crafts camp. The camp was for three days and each morning we had all the volunteers line up in front of the entrance to welcome the kids. They entered one-by-one to all the volunteers cheering and clapping on either side as their volunteer partner would come to escort them to their seat. Most of the girls were super shy as they entered, but it was clear they were being blessed by the positive attention. Our volunteers gave their best efforts to love the kids, and each of the girls opened up in different ways. Some of them responded right away while others out of their own insecurities took some time before opening up. God was clearly working in each of them because at the end of the camp even the toughest girls were telling us that they definitely wanted to come back to the camp again! Please checkout our Facebook page for more photos from the camp!


JM Youth Soccer Camp 2012

July 23 - 25, 2012
Our fifth annual soccer camp was, once again, the best soccer camp yet! We had 47 boys from six different homes along with 42 volunteers gather for the camp. Our objectives were to build the kids' confidence, build their teamwork/unity among each other, and give them a joy filled time. The volunteers did a phenomenal job and you can see how they connected with the kids and how the kids responded through this video. The kids went from insecure, distant, and new to each other on the first day to smiling, encouraging, and unified with each other on the last day. It's a great glimpse into the long term vision that we have for the children!


2012 Summer Internships

Arts and Craft Camp 2012

January 16 - 18, 2012
During this year's Jerusalem Ministry's Arts and Crafts Camp we had about 42 volunteers and 36 girls gather together. The girls, each paired with a volunteer, made different crafts each of the three days. The camp itself was pretty simple. But with so many people faithfully serving and loving, the results were powerful. The girls, no matter how hard a shell that they had coming to the camp, couldn't help but smile and laugh as the camp progressed. They didn't stand a chance to the love and there were beautiful shifts in each of them. Praise God!


JM Youth Soccer Camp 2011

July 18 - 20, 2011
Jerusalem Ministry held our fourth annual soccer camp for 3rd – 6th grade boys from children homes around Seoul. This year we had 43 boys from 5 homes gather and 34 volunteers serve. With so many committed volunteers, the kids were able to experience powerful love and attention all throughout the camp. Three days doesn't seem like long, but with God's love it can just take a special smile and word of encouragement to break off lies in the kids' hearts. These camps continue to get better and better!


Arts and Craft Camp 2011

January 24 – 26, 2011
Jerusalem Ministry held our third annual Arts and Crafts camp for 4th - 6th grade girls from different children homes around Seoul. The camp was a great success! We had 21 beautiful girls and 29 solid volunteers/staff. The girls were so loved that on the last day they were a little a somber because the camp was coming to a close. One girl even ran to the bathroom to cry because she didn't want the camp to end and to have to say goodbye to the volunteers. Thank you for your prayers for us!


JM Youth Soccer Camp 2010

July 19 – 21, 2010
Jerusalem Ministry held our third annual soccer camp for 3rd – 6th grade boys from children homes around Seoul. We had 40 boys and 35 volunteers serve at the camp. For the first two days we had drills, team building exercises, and then scrimmages. On the last day we had a mini tournament with a championship game, a penalty kick shootout challenge, and then swimming at the local pool. With so many committed volunteers each child was able to receive the special attention they needed, so the children were all smiles throughout the camp.


Arts and Craft Camp 2010

January 25 - 27, 2010
Jerusalem Ministry held our second annual Arts and Crafts camp for 4th - 6th grade girls from children homes around Seoul. It was such a blessed time with 23 young girls and 29 committed volunteers. The children made graham cracker houses, t-shirts, thank you cards, jewelry boxes (with a mirror in it signifying they are God's treasure), calendars, and tiles.


2009 Summer Internships

JM Youth Soccer Camp 2.0

From July 20 - 22, 44 boys from 4 different children homes in Seoul gathered for Jerusalem Ministry's second annual soccer camp. 25 volunteers from 5 different churches served to make the camp a great success. The objective of the camp was to instill more confidence and encouragement into the boys while providing a fun camp for them. A number of the boys were timid or insecure the first day, but by the third day they were all smiles. After three days of drills, activities, scrimmages, a tournament, and a special penalty kick challenge, we were able to treat the kids to some time at a local swimming pool.

Check out our video below!

Arts and Craft Camp 2009

For three days in January, Jerusalem Ministry held an Arts and Crafts Camp at Youngnak Presbyterian Church in Seoul. Primary school girls from five children's homes came together for a time of fellowship, creativity, and hands on learning with Christian volunteers from four different churches. Whether painting pictures on tote bags or picking out beads for necklaces, all the girls experienced God's love and presence through simple Christian lessons woven through every craft activity.

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